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Sean Foxcroft

Sean has more than 25 years experience in the fire protection industry. As our lead installer for special hazard suppression systems, (commercial kitchen, paint booths, clean agent gas, off road vehicle and CO2) he has handled almost every different application and complication. Sean teaches SAIT's Kitchen Fire Suppression Maintenance Certification training course.

Our People

Robbin Foxcroft

Robbin has been in the industry since the opening of Fire Safety Services (Calgary) Ltd, as a hands on certified Technician and now, general manager. She sits on the Safety Codes Council's Fire Sub Council, is Executive Secretary of the Alberta Fire Safety Association and teaches SAIT's Portable Fire Extinguisher Technician Certification training course.

Ron Foxcroft

Ron has been in the fire protection industry for over 30 years. He sat on the Safety Codes Council's Fire Technical Council for 11 years, the Alberta Fire Safety Association's board, and is well known for his code compliance expertise. Ron writes SAIT Fire Protection Certification Courses, MNTN211 & 212.

Amanda Provins

Amanda is our newest Fire Extinguisher technician. She enjoys being out on the road doing her service/inspection work, and will be learning the full service of our trade. 

Brady Gosnell

Brady Gosnell has been with us since 2009. Brady is now well experienced in our fields of endeavor, and is our full time installer. He learned his trade under the strict tutelage of Sean and as such installs systems only to the manufacturers' specifications as required by the Alberta Fire and Building Code.

Mark Tiboni

With over 25 years of experience and his vast knowledge, Mark is the perfect fit for our service team. With his detailed inspection habits, he is responsible not only for servicing our regular clients, but all new clients to ensure the installation meets all codes and requirements.

Darcey Walters

As office administrator you couldn't have a more service oriented person. Darcey takes care of all scheduling and all office details. When calling Fire Safety Services, it is Darcey that will happily direct your needs to the right person, if she can't help you herself.

Our people make the difference.

Fire Safety Services (Calgary) Ltd., is a family owned and operated business serving our customers since 2001. We train our technicians to be the best in the business hands down. At Fire Safety Services (Calgary) Ltd we pride ourselves in our fire safety knowledge, professionalism and prompt service. We specialize in special fire suppression systems, portable fire extinguishers and fire evacuation plans. With the specialization, we are able to apply our expertise fully in these areas.